‘The Leadership System’ is a process for taking a group of cohorts on a personalised leadership journey to develop their capability; thereby enabling them perform more effectively as Leaders in the workplace. This is a 6-12 month curated, development journey, focused on accelerated business and personal performance at work dealing with their ‘realities’. They are supported, ‘nudged along’, and challenged to making a difference to their current situation, through both cognitive and behavioural changes, using a range of tools, techniques and support initiatives.
It’s Leadership as a Process, not as an Event.

The Leadership System is the culmination of two years of focused research of global leadership best practices on how to rapidly transitioning people to the ‘next level’ and create business impact.

1. Learning transfer

Learning Transfer

The challenge of learning is not to have an excellent training session; that’s a given. The challenge is ensuring that learning is transferred to the workplace and results in Business Impact. Typical transfer levels are only between 12—20% (Mc Kinsey). So, many training initiatives are wasted.In all our capability initiatives, we focus on effective methods of increasing the learning transfer.These include methods such as:

1. Involvement of supervisors
2. The 3-s system
3. Job aids
4. Tracking and measuring systems
5. On-the-job support and experiential learning
Our target is 40-50% transfer rates for this system-based approach.

Snippet of the 3S model- SELF, SOCIAL & STRUCTURAL

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Guiding Principles

To design an effective, world class Leadership System, we created a few principles to guide us:
1. 80:20 Rule

We focus on the 20% “best – in – class”, that will really make the difference; and focus on that

2. Business impact

All interventions are guided by results, using the 6D’s methodology

3. Support Leaders

We support the cohort “all-the-way” through the transition process of “support and challenge”

Drives the process we use a fully featured LMS to evaluate, track, measure & support
5.Provide the tools for leaders

To enable them do the job right (i.e. job aids etc.)

Leadership Management System

The Leadership management system is a specially designed, cloud based tool that helps leaders perform better in the workplace. It supports then in all their developments activities with the 70-20-10 Learning formula.

Leadership System-5
3. System roadmap

System roadmap

This is a 6-12-month journey for each cohort of leaders (upward of 6 to 18 leaders). The group is peer-supporting, guided and backed up with facilitator and LMS support. On-going support for cohorts through coaching, challenge management and success sharing

Measuring ROI

This is the question that everyone grapples with!

We have designed a robust system to Measure ‘Return On Investment’ when required. Depending the needs of sponsors and stakeholders, we track and measure participant progress to a detailed and accurate level, in order to measure business impact.

Measuring ROI-1

Snippet of the 3S model- SELF, SOCIAL & STRUCTURAL