Train-The-Trainer (TTT)

Training potential in-house trainers is a key, cost effective method of building capacity within your organization. Selecting individuals who are either leaders or Subject Matter Experts, with a desire to train others in in the organisation make ideal candidates to attend a TTT.
We also work with existing in-house training teams to build delivery skills, design and training consultancy support. This ranges from beginner to advanced levels.

The Heart Mind Way

Lynda is a published author of ‘Winning Hearts, Touching Minds’. This is a book on how to design & deliver high impact training. It is based on the HeartMind TM Training System developed during her 20+ years of experience and field research as a Management Capability Consultant.

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The Program

The Heart Mind TM (HM) Train the Trainer program is an easy roadmap for designing and delivering training programs successfully using the 7 Steps HMW methodology. It brings together logic and structure with storytelling and ‘emotional connect’, to navigate the complex human experience of learning. The way people learn best!
The 3-5-day program synergizes all the knowledge, skills required for an effective training session, and we provide all the tools, collaterals, techniques and kit required.

Master 7 steps to design and deliver, impactful training programs