What we do?

We help build Organizational capacity through a range of activities that include:

1. HR Capability building and Interventions
2. Training and Content Design
3. Coaching

We work with leaders, across a range of organizations. We help them develop their abilities to deal effectively with their work challenges, through practical and sustainable support.
We use best-in-class models, tools and practices to do this; along with some unique
‘Holistic’ methods that are focussed on business impact in the workplace.

6. What we do
3. Our take on developing people

Our ‘Take’ on Developing People

Our Belief:
We believe it is possible and do-able to quickly improve people’s performance by treating learning as a process and not as ‘an event’
The Solution:
Transition leaders, quickly and effectively to 'the next level', using world class tools and techniques, by treating their learning as a well-managed process in the workplace. This needs to be linked to Business Performance.
The Challenge:
There is often a belief with Senior Management that the time, effort & cost in developing people is ineffective or has mixed results

Our History

Holistic has been operating since 1994. We’ve worked with Corporates, Government, NGOs and Global Agencies (e.g. WHO).

With 350+ client engagements; we have worked in all major Industries, possess multiple OD & Capability project expertise and have extensive training delivery experience.

We have partnered with several Fortune 100 companies to conduct their in-house leadership development programs. These include BP, GE, Walmart.

We have also partnered with leading global consultancy companies such as GP Strategies, to conducted specialised niche programs, such as Transformational Coaching.

Twenty-five years on: Still going strong, and lovin’ it!

About Us

Memory Lane: HQ team in 2014

Our Value Proposition

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2. Our team & network

Our Team & Network

Our Principals are Ian Stern & Lynda Lepcha. The team is a network of ‘like-minded’ world class facilitators and consultants across India and overseas. This group is supported by our HQ team in Delhi NCR.

We also partner with established organisations, that have specialised expertise in areas that you may require, which seamlessly complement our services. These include, Development Centres, Talent Management and other products, programs or tools. (e.g.simulations, online assessment centres, Psychometrics etc)

We are affiliated with the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) is the UK’s elite and the only professional body to provide an international qualification for
trainers and Learning & Development Professionals. We provide certification forbespoke Leadership and TTT programs.

Our Founders

Ian Stern

Ian is an international facilitator and joint Managing Director of Holistic Training Solutions; co-founded with Lynda O. Lepcha in 1994. He holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the Scottish Business School at the University of Stirling, UK.
Ian has over 24 years of international training, consulting and coaching experience.  He has worked with mid-level and senior Executives in over 250 companies based in India and overseas.

Lynda Lepcha

Lynda Lepcha post-graduated in 1988 from XLRI (a premier business school in India) and began her career with Citibank in 1989. With 25+ years of corporate Capability building she also contributes with pro bono work. Lynda has worked with the Indian Alliance for Child Rights, NGOs working for Street Children in Mumbai and Dhaka, Tibetan Centre for Human Rights, Dalai Lama’s Science Meets Dharma Project, the Tibetan Woman’s Leadership as well as students in the community.